Our company started production of dairy products in 1968 with the production of seasonal sheep cheese, which is the father’s profession. Our company, which has been processing seasonal sheep milk for many years, has led us to process cow milk over time as a result of the rapid urbanization experienced in our country and the increasing need for cheese.

By 1995, our company entered the restructuring process and expanded its activities by getting the title of TORUNOĞLI SÜT VE GIDA MAM. SAN. TİC. PAZ. A.Ş. in its organization in Ereğli, Konya, where is still an important cheese production center of Turkey, and which has daily 150-ton milk processing capacity on 6,200 m² indoor space and continues its activities by manufacturing healthy, high quality and hygienic products with its modern machinery, equipment and laboratory complying with European Union norms with its experienced engineers and technical staff.

Our company established VISEM HAYVANCILIK VE GIDA SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. having the capacity of 1,200 cattle in 300.000 m² area equipped with modern machinery and equipment complying with the European Standards in 2001 in order to encourage dairy farming and improve avalanche milk quality.