Our company has continued its R&D and technology investments without interruption since its foundation. We produce our products on machines equipped with the latest technology and deliver them to your tables. Because we know that Institutions which do not adapt to technological development are doomed to fall behind.


If you are producing or processing a product which deteriorates in a very short time, such as milk, you should be able to control the process from milking until the table very well. Our company owes its quality line from years to its sensitivity in hygiene control and its meticulousness during the production phase. Our company registered its production quality and reliability by obtaining K-Q-TSE-ISO-EN-9000 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE in 1999 and GF-TSE-ISOEN-22000 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE in 2005


In 2001, we established our farm equipped with modern machinery and equipment in order to improve the quality of our Torunoğlu branded products and produce products which comply with European Union norms. The farm is built on an area of 300,000 square meters and can host 1,200 cattle at the same time. Keeping quality standards at the highest level, our farm has had the Disease-Free Organization Certificate which is only owned by limited organizations  confirmed  in 2018.